Tamworth is a vibrant, easygoing place, a top Evocity where the lifestyle means work isn't such a hard stretch and there's plenty of time after work to play sport, play with the kids or just take it easy.

Growth was 1.9% in 2009, which is  the second highest rate in inland NSW...and besides people we are also increasing the numbers of new businesses that start up each year.

Manufacturing, health and community services, education, logistics, wholesale trades, food processing and tourism and hospitality provide a solid economic base for the city.

Retail is the biggest employer, and there is a strong base in property and financial service sectors, aviation and construction. Agriculture generates significant economic activity, and so does the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre, opened in 2008.

Tamworth might be synonymous with country music in Australia but Tamworth is much more than just bush hats, big buckles or golden guitars. It's a friendly city plus Tamworth has won the Friendly Town awards a couple of times over the past few years and in 2009 was named the national winner of the Tidy Towns competition.

Salary rates in regional cities like Tamworth are comparable to Sydney salaries, if not better for many career sectors and the biggest bonus is in the work/life balance. You get to enjoy it more as a result of lower housing costs, less time travelling to and from work and improved cost of living.

Tamworth is a leader when it comes to attracting people and investment and it's a city where hospitality is based on city style with country heart.

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