Lifestyle is the ultimate destination that constitutes THE MODE of living for an individual. Whether it is a residential home in urban living, small acreage with room for the pony or sweeping acres of farmland country -ultimately everyone wants a place of comfort that satisfies their lifestyle needs.

Rural properties offer wide open lifestyle escaping urban living and are not one landform or land use. They are a mixture of farmland, forests, national parks, mountains, river banks, lakeshores, urban fringe and rural residential areas with a natural look. Rural character is made up of a number of components and the one thing they have in common is a feeling of 'openness' offering a mixture of uses with income producing capability.

Business and Commercial is a lifestyle of choice where investment return is imperative. We as Stock and Station Agents, Real Estate and Business Agents, recognise that many types of properties can provide excellent income. With this knowledge, we assist our Sellers to provide serious buyers financials and share with Buyers the income benefits available.

Our aim is to provide a concept for both Sellers and Buyers, that provides savings and the opportunity to own a genuine 'Lifestyle' property.


Ask yourself, "How many times have you been led down the wrong path and bought a property from an agent only to find hidden problems after your purchase?"

Our focus for buyers is providing genuine properties where you will speak directly to the Seller and arrange a convenient time for inspection. Dealing one on one... there is no grey area of what the property offers. The owners will share with you their experience and knowledge of their property and with our assistance, the Seller will have a property portfolio prepared enabling buyers to make a decision based on fact.
The Seller knows their property better than anyone!

Why we are different?

1.    All properties advertised are validated as genuine
2.    Your purchase price will match the market as the Sellers commission saved  is passed onto you
3.    To ensure the property purchase runs smoothly, the seller has professional assistance with an agent
4.    For our Buyers,  we can contact property owners who have not considered selling privately
5.    We  provide our buyers with profile reports outlining property values in areas of their choice
6.    We save buyers time and money with no more running between totally unacceptable properties
7.    Buyers receive a portfolio of 'facts' related to the property they wish to purchase


We can approach a Seller on your behalf and pass the savings onto you

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Unlike other traditional free websites, we provide a backup agency service to help our sellers through the process.

All enquiries on your property are managed and forwarded to you directly to arrange an inspection.   This will continue indefinitely until your property is... SOLD!

Selling your property can be 'emotional' and with our expertise in the real estate industry, you will not be alone through the process.

Why we are different?

1.    You receive the service of an Agent with No Commission payable
2.    We create for you a personalised portfolio to present to your buyers
3.    We manage your email enquiries with our sophisticated database back up service
4.    We provide you reports of enquiries from our many nationwide website portals
5.    We provide a consultancy service to help you throughout the selling process to give you best results
6.    Our Sellers receive discount rates for contracts and finalising a sale
7.    Affordable advertising packages are available with agent savings passed onto the Seller
8.    We provide all the marketing tools necessary to attract buyers and make your property saleable


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