WELCOME to the future in Real Estate Sales.

We are pleased to announce this new and innovative concept, which provides an affordable marketing approach to selling and buying properties.  Too often, many sellers have said they cannot afford to sell their property due to the high commission payable to an agent however, with BeeAgent Free they can select a suitable level that will suit their budget.

We can be your agent or you can BeeAgent Free because, we understand too well the importance of an experienced agent who knows the local market with their database of buyers. If you want a local agents expertise in your immediate area, we can provide this support and will cater to your budget to make the sale of your property an affordable exercise. 

We are in an ever changing economy whereby banks and valuations appear non supportive with the listing price of properties on the market. A large cost in selling your property is the exorbitant commission payable to your agent on settlement day. When you sell your property with BeeAgent Free, this factored cost with other agents can now be a reduction in your asking price making it more appealing to attract buyers and reach a sale.

It is proven that 90% of buyers shop on line and this is the future for real estate sales!!  BeeAgent Free offers a 'point of difference' to any internet on line private selling website. We recognise the power of the local agent as the driving force to complete a successful sale. In many cases,  individuals are happy to show their property to buyers  but not comfortable to negotiate so, our experienced licensed agents at BeeAgent Free can step in at any time and provide the agency service to complete the sale.

BeeAgent Free is ready to help people save time and money in this volatile market and is aware that the real estate industry does need change. If you are time poor or dollar conscious and appreciate the importance of having a local agent for support, we can be your agent or you can BeeAgent Free.

We aim to get enquiries direct to you so you can explain to your buyer in detail - what your property has to offer. No one knows your property better than...YOU!  If you are looking for a more personalised advice, we can also arrange a face to face consultation with one of our real estate professionals, who will appraise your property and share with you.. their knowledge of your local market. All your property enquiries are managed by us and sent to you directly to organise a convenient inspection time that suits your lifestyle. This continues indefinitely until your property is... SOLD!

We advertise your property on all major websites that traditional agencies provide. If you require any additional marketing services, we are upfront and open offering transparency and itemisation to suit your budget with no hidden costs! 

When you have SOLD your property, you will  THRILLED when you see the amount paid to you on settlement day from your solicitor compare to the amount you would receive if you went through a traditional real estate agency.

BeeAgent Free utilises the power of the internet, keeps down clients costs and provides the personal touch of a local realestate agent.