Barbara Laurie

Barbara Laurie


Getting to know Barbara Laurie

Barbara Laurie, founder of Lifestyle and Rural Properties in 2006 and BeeAgent Free in 2011, predominantly excels in marketing with experience stretching over 30 years.

Barbara for many years has been gathering real estate knowledge and discovered an edge that gives her a point of difference within the industry. With her on-line marketing experience, financial background and senior marketing public relations skills, she has worked within various industries spanning across Australia and the USA.

Barbara is passionate about the BeeAgent Free concept and has since sold her traditional agency in 2014, to become 100% focused on this exciting new concept. BeeAgent Free is unique, combining shoppers on line with the personal touch needed in real estate sales. We help people save time and money in this volatile market and are very aware that the real estate industry needs change.

People tend to fear change but with BeeAgent Free, there is much to gain. Real Estate Agents, Sellers and Buyers can all reap the rewards with this ..New Direction in Real Estate.